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Karen R
Dr. Foster is exceptional She is a very caring doctor. Her herbs are powerful and effective. The energy work is very helpful along with the tools she teaches you. I have decades of disappointing experiences with mainstream doctors. I've been sick for over 2 decades so there's a lot of work for me to do. It didn't happen over night and it's taking time to heal, but I'm finally healing! She is the answer to my prayer. If you're ready to get to the cause and release the programming to go to a doctor for a magic pill or cut out your temporarily offending organ, like your gallbladder, then she'll be an answer to your prayer too. Thank you and bless you Dr. Foster.
Ashley K
New patient consultation Dr. Foster was very knowledgeable and professional during my initial consultation. She was patient and thoughtful, taking such time and care in listening to my concerns and coming up with a 'treatment' plan, customized for my unique health needs.
Karen R
Very happy I found Dr. Foster I've been seeking a doctor like her for a very long time. She takes time to address all your concerns, and sees you as a whole person, not like most mainstream doctors who see you as body parts. Her products address the cause so you can heal your body. It will probably be the best appointment you've ever had with a doctor, at least it was for me. Thank you Dr. Foster!
you are great Dr. Foster, you are not only professional and helpful, you are also kind and compassionate. I am excited BOUT WORKING WITH YOU OVER TIME TO GAIN BETTER HEALTH FOR MYSELF AND MY HUSBAND
Outstanding! I've never been treated with such genuine kindness, respect, and professionalism by even the so-called "Best" doctors and the "doctors to the stars" in Beverly Hills etc. Dr. Cynthia Foster CARES about you and it clearly shows in speaking with her! She is a real breath of fresh air!
Bob L
30 Minute Consultation We covered a lot. Will return to doing the cleanses by Monday. Am gaining weight!. 167lbs now. Three or four pounds would be just right, I believe. Thanks for all of your support.
Bob L
30 minute Consultation Dr foster got to he center of my situation within the time frame of our consultation, She then recommended natural remedies for me to take immediately and to last over the next ninety days. Thank you Dr Foster
Alejandria P
Best Consult Ever! I had never seen a naturopathic doctor before, but I'm so glad I did! She answered all my questions and was very understanding. She didn't doubt me on anything I was feeling or am going through. Very much shares my ideals and was very lovely. She suggested all the best things that fit my lifestyle. Will be going back, Best consult!
Harry H
Addisons I thank Dr. Foster for her sincere help. I don't feel rushed at all and appreciate her help and suggestions.
Thyroid and liver health issues This was my first time to speak to Dr. Foster regarding some health issues. She was very thorough and detailed on what I needed to do to get my body back to health. I’ve used her herbs and essential nutrients before and they really do work well. I’m going to use them again and believe it will help my body heal itself.
depression very helpful with lots of different things to try.
Bob L
Mr Just completed another telephone session with Dr Foster. As always, she provided me with solutions for my current situation. It has been a pleasure to benefit from her products for the last fifteen years. I will be seventy nine on the Fourth of July and get complements all the time about how healthy I look and feel.
karen l
pneumonia very excellent very helpful!
Bob Lowe
Thirty Minute Consultation I have several issues and Dr foster is helping me with all of themMy big issues are prostate and brain function. I have been using products for both for almost four months. I see improvement in both areas and expect further improve meant over the next few months.
Christy A
Type 1 Alot of great info on the site and recommendations from Cynthia. Waiting to try. She was encouraging and very down to earth. Very caring.
karen l
phone consultation I am very pleased with the way Dr. Foster advises me. She is very thoughtful and open to spiritual insight that she might receive while treating a person. This is very valuable to me.
karen l
Tuesday consultation I am very encouraged by our consultation. I needed the positive feedback. Thank you so much.
Bob Lowe
Phone Consultation 9/27/2016 This was my first phone consultation with Dr Foster. The prep questionnaire was excellent and made the consultation all the more productive. Her knowledge and first hand experience made her recommendations meshed perfectly with my symptoms. I will be adding exercises and products to my daily practices. I have used Dr Foster's products for fifteen years. I am in good health in most way and this will help me to improve even more.
Amy M
Very Supportive Insight I appreciate the patience and insight Dr. Foster showed throughout our conversation. She used the time well by being direct and taking notes in an email which she later sent to me with some added points. There are some specific actions I can take and some other ideas to ponder which would require longer to implement, and I appreciate both. Happy Customer!
Michele W
One to one session Dr Foster was extremely understanding and caring in her approach. I really appreciated her effort in listening & understanding my situation.
very thorough Dr Foster was very thorough and took time to explain things to me regarding my health challenges.
steve r
Needle in a haystack I'm happy to say after about 7 yrs of searching and reviewing some different plans I found this one to appeal to me as the best. I look forward to starting the program soon. I really like Dr. Fosters philosophy of how to make potent product, compared to whats out there. I can't wait.
Christina M
Appointment with Dr. Foster I have had 2 fantastic appointments with Dr. Foster.. She is so knowledgeable and caring and spends quality time with you so that you feel confident she understands your issues and takes a personal interest in your care.. I would highly recommend to anyone with any health issue to consult with Dr. Foster..I have know her for many years as she was very instrumental in helping me care for my father during his illness..Within months, with Dr. Fosters help, my father recovered and lived quality life until he passed at 91...What a blessing to have someone like Dr. Foster to turn to in time of health crisis and to be able to be confident and comfortable in her care!!
Skype Session with Dr. Foster This was such a great experience! Dr. Foster brings so much to the table with her knowledge and experience, not just from the medical side, but with all the holistic aspects as well. She was genuinely sympathetic, caring, and supportive, and she gave me a good plan of attack for my specific issues. I have been to several natural/holistic/alternative/integrative practitioners and Dr. Foster is my favorite, even though we were thousands of miles away from each other!
top notch, brilliant I came to find Cynthia on the internet through her website. At the time I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and was looking for alternatives to traditional doctors as they had sent me in circles without clarity or purpose except to do what they told me to do. I did a remote session with Dr. Foster. At that time the symptoms were extreme and painful, my stress level high and a feeling of hopelessness. She asked a lot of questions and patiently allowed me to explain in detail what was happening. Then she made some recommendations. Actually a long list of actions and things to try. I'll just mention one for brevity. She gave me a recipe for her morning drink. This immediately ameliorated the horrible symptoms that had been dragging me down and giving me much pain for months. Voila! Symptons gone and I was on the route to alkalizing my body, strengthening my immune, cleansing out toxins and overall better health. Today I am free of cancer and continue to read her website and commentary. She is absolutely right and I did it. Being your own doctor is not so far fetched an idea as it seems at first glance. Of course we need doctors to help us find the way. But we really need doctors like Cynthia Foster and not those blind or greedy types whose goals are not the same as our own. HEALING! Thank you Dr. Foster.
Linda A
first appointment This was very helpful to us. Dr Foster was able to tie the dots together and give us an understanding of the basic cause of the problem. She didn't just treat the symptoms as other doctors have in the past. And she gave us a protocol to drop the pharmaceutical that was causing so much harm and begin to heal with herbs and oils. We are very happy with her advice and have just ordered the products which we need.
Irina T
Phone consultation with Dr. Foster Dr. Foster's advice was great!